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Anything that does not continue to evolve and grow eventually becomes obsolete.  One objective of breeding is for the next litter to be better than the previous litter.  Likewise, we are not the same kennel that we were fifteen, ten, or even five years ago.  Our breeding philosophy continues to expand and  mature with increased knowledge, understanding, and experience. Whereas in the past we have bred for the specific purpose of companions/pets, we now understand that a Doberman(n} should be bred first for purpose, and merely live as a companion when it's time to relax.  A properly bred Doberman(n) that has no purpose cannot be a balanced companion. Our focus is to identify the purpose, then establish the right companion for the right family.  There are many different types of Lines. However, when we say "Line" we are referring to the specific purpose of the selected dogs within a dog's pedigree. Why was the dog born? Why was its parents, grandparents, and great grandparents born? What specific traits were sought after in it's family history? A dog's bloodline or pedigree should show clear purpose and specificity toward a certain goal.

A reputable professional kennel should never breed for the specific purpose of companionship.  Companions should be SELECTED from Show Lines, Sport Lines, or Working Lines.


Is the potential owner super active, and athletic? This individual fits the category of the Sport Doberman(n).   Although all Doberman(n)s should have sufficient drive and are athletic, the Sport Doberman(n) has far more drive for activity than a Doberman(n) bred for Show/conformation.  A properly bred Doberman is the wrong breed for the non-active individual.  The Sport/ Lite Working Line is not ideal as a special needs service dog due to its higher drive.  More info on Sport Line... click here


Is the potential owner someone who needs a Doberman(n) that is less confrontational and easier to handle? This individual fits the Show Line.  Although all Doberman(n)s can be a little pushy, The Show Line is more subdued and manageable for novice owners.  They also make excellent therapy and service dogs when properly selected and trained. NOTE: The American Show Line is more subdued than the Euro Show Line. The main difference between the American Show Line and Euro Show line is body structure and drive.  An individual may find the American Show Line acceptable, yet find the Euro Show Line overwhelming because of its drive. Nevertheless, the Show line in general is more suitable for lower energy homes, service or special needs requirements than the Sport/Lite-working or Working Lines.  For a side by side comparison of Sport vs Show Line... click here



Is the potential owner in Law Enforcement, Military, or someone interested in security or personal protection? This individual may want a companion from the Working Line. This line has more prey, defense, and fight-drive, as well as being more assertive, territorial, and possessive. NOTE: Although there are now some American breeders who are attempting to recapture the working characteristics in the Doberman(n), there are NO American Doberman Pinscher Working Lines. Breeders are  now infusing European bloodlines into American bloodlines in hopes of returning the Doberman Pinscher to its proper form.  More info on Working Line... click here


This Doberman(n) was not bred from a working line. Lets see what happens with a home invasion.

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