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Is the Doberman(n) the right breed for you?

Geman Shepherd, Rottweiler, Belgian Malinois, Doberman

Wrong reasons to buy a Doberman(n):

1. "I had a Doberman(n) and want another one just like the one I had."

2.  "People are afraid of them."

3.  "I like the way they look."

4.  "I just want a sweet loving puppy to love."

The above reasons are based on a generic idea of a Doberman(n) instead of facts about the breed which will allow you to make a calculated decision.  Beware of breeders using photos of adorable puppies to melt your heart away. Pictures are wonderful, but purchasing a Doberman(n) is a decision that should never be made through emotion. It is a decision that should be made with much consideration.  Although in the past 30 years buying a Doberman(n) has become like buying any other breed of dog, you should think very carefully when considering buying a Doberman(n).  Due to different breeding philosophies among breeders, Doberman(n)s can vary greatly.  It is a huge mistake to think that every Doberman(n) is the same.  It is crucial that you base your decision on in-depth knowledge of the breed, the breed versions, the breed lines, breeders' philosophies, and individual dog personalities. Once you have determined that a Doberman(n) is the right breed for you, you must then determine what version best fits you; the American Doberman Pinscher or European Dobermann.  A bored American Doberman Pinscher may eat through your couch.  A bored European Doberman(n) may eat through your walls.

An American Doberman Pinscher puppy left alone for an hour.

6 month old European Dobermann puppy eating through the wall of his room, shredding the paneling and eating  through wall studs after only 15 minutes of being left alone. 

Are you willing to accept the responsibility that comes with an animal that is capable of such destruction even at an early age?

General truths about the Doberman(n) breed:

Are you able and willing to deal with the possible health problems that plagues this breed?


  • In general, the Doberman(n) is an active breed that requires much exercise and attention. 

Are you able and willing to provide the necessary consistent exercise that this dog requires?

  • In general, the Doberman(n) ranks very high in intelligence.  

Are you able and willing to deal with a dog who is always trying to outsmart you and may solve physical and psychological barriers that you may put in place?

  • In general, the Doberman(n) is known to demonstrate aloofness toward strangers and other animals.

Are you willing to invest the necessary time for socializing and training to prevent these behaviors?


  • In general, the Doberman(n) is very determined and intelligent which can make this breed stubborn with some owners.  

Are you an assertive person who is willing to be firm when necessary?


  • Are you prepared to deal with potential legal liabilities (public perception, future breed bans, insurance problems, and increased chance of lawsuits)?

If you answered no to any of the questions, we do not recommend our Doberman(n)s. If you answered yes to all questions, you may be a good fit for our interpretation of the Doberman(n).  Now you must determine what version of Doberman(n) (American Doberman Pinscher or Euro Dobermann) is right for you.

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