Jul 26 2013

Puppies Coming Soon

Zoe’ & Najee’s pups were born on 11/11/2013. Thanks to all on this beautiful litter.

1. Red Male-Sold to:  J. Peiffer, New Orleans, La.

2. Red Male-Sold to: B & E. Mitchell, Springs, Texas

3. Red Female- Sold to: S. Reed, Jennings, La.

4. Black Female-Sold to: T. Kellup, Bunkie, La.

5. Black Female-Sold to: B. Pourciau, Denham Springs, La.

6. Black Female-Sold to: L. Cater, Trout, La.

7. Black Male-Sold to: A & C. Brown- Bueche, La.

8. Black Male-Sold to: C. Moylan- Lafayette, La.

9. Black Male–Sold to: C. Lee- Beaumont, Texas

Apollo & India’s pup born on 11/13/2013. Thanks Shantell.

1. Fawn Female- Sold to: S. Hebert- Erath, La.


Sequoia & Apollo’s litter born on 11/17/2013. Thanks to all on this litter.

1. Red Female-Sold to:  D. Lachute- Sorrento, La.

2. Red Male-Sold to: A. Cloud- New Orleans, La.

3. Red Female-Sold to: R. Fisher- Terry, Mississippi

4. Black Female-Sold to: C. Bordelon, Colfax, La.

Past litters:

Apollo & Asia’s litter born: July 22, 2013. Thank you all on this litter.

1. Red Male-Sold to: K. Straub- Lutcher, La.

2. Red Male-Sold to: T. Wesley-  Denham Springs, La.

3. Red Male-Sold to: J. Digiovanna-Independence, La.

4. Red Male-Sold to: G & K. Dupree- Baton Rouge, La.

5. Red Male-Sold to: S. McCain- Colfax, La.

6. Red Male-Sold to: L. Walker- Jayess, Mississippi

7. Red Female-Sold to: P. & R. Smith- Alvin, Texas

8. Red Female-Sold to: G. Fontenot- Vinton, La.

9. Red Female-Sold to: D. Fisher- Denham Springs, La.

Apollo & Sequoia’s litter born: April 28, 2013. This litter will be ready around June 9, 2013. All pups on this litter is now sold.Thanks to all on this litter.

1. Red Male- Sold to: R. Spill- Hempstead, Texas

2. Red Male-Sold to: M. Ramsey-Crossville, Tennessee

3. Black Male-Sold to:  C.Laborde, Marksville, La.

4. Black Male- Sold to: J & J Glaze- Pineville, La.

Apollo & India’s litter born: April 15, 2013. Will be ready around May 27, 2013. Thanks to all.

1. Red Female-Sold to: B. Naquin, Bunkie, La.

2. Red Female-Sold to: D & A. Vollenweider, Paulina, La.

3. Fawn Male-Sold to: R & C Heaton, Leesville, La.

Brenae’ & Apollo’s litter born 04-12-2013. Will be ready around May 24, 2013. All pups on this litter is now sold. Thanks to all.

1. Black Male-Sold to: T. & J. Credeur- Rayne, La.

2. Black Male- Sold to: S. Keys- Katy, Texas

3. Black Female - Sold to: C Theus- Keithville, La.

Zoe’ & Apollo’s litter born April 02, 2013 and will be ready around 05/14/2013. Thanks to all on this litter.

1. Black Male: Sold to: H. Hastings, Boyce, La.

2. Black Male: Sold to:  D. Zeringue- Prairie ville, La.

3. Red Male: Sold to: R. Spell- Hempstead, Texas

4. Blue Male: Sold to:  J. Paillot- Belle Chasse La.

5. Fawn Female: Sold to:  J. Dunn- Tallahassee, Florida

6. Red Female: Sold to:  C &L King- Jena, La.

7 .Red Female: Sold to: T. Vermaelen- Alexandria, La.